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Wireless Mic Battery Replacement: The Right Batteries Make All the Difference

You know how important your wireless mic battery is. Put simply, if it fails, you fail to reach your audience.

This means that the quality and reliability of a wireless mic battery should be among your top buying considerations. Just as important are making sure you buy enough batteries and that you get them at a great price.

Medic Batteries (www.medicbatteries.com) can help you with all of these goals. We have a wide variety of AA and 9-volt batteries—the two most often used in wireless microphones—in bulk and smaller packages. With brands including Energizer, Duracell, and Rayovac, you can buy a wireless mic battery with a name you already know and trust.

You can also trust Medic Batteries to deliver on its quality guarantee and promises of fast shipping and superior quality service. Ordering from us is simply the best and easiest way to make sure you have a wireless mic battery that’s ready for the job. 


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Buy Button Battery CR2032 – Best Place to Shop Online for Batteries

If you use a lot of button battery CR2032 packs, bulk packages are a smart choice. Button battery CR2032 is a top seller at Medic Batteries - in stock and ready to ship to you same day, Monday through Friday.

Medic Batteries is proud to carry Energizer button battery CR2032 packs. Bulk packaging means the more you buy, the more you save on every battery—get a discount price on one five-pack, or buy more than one and watch the savings grow. And unlike with other online retailers of button battery CR2032, bulk discount purchases here don’t mean discounted service.

We’ve built our reputation on great customer service, fast shipping, and an unconditional guarantee on everything we sell. Bulk purchasing and free shipping means savings, convenience, and, at Medic Batteries, the exceptional service your business deserves.


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9 Volt Battery Coupon - Get Yours Today

You've found the best place for a 9 volt battery coupon. Our instant coupon provides immediate savings on your 9 volt batteries. Regardless of which brand of 9 volts you purchase from MedicBatteries.com, the 9 volt battery coupon can be applied at checkout to any order. So go ahead and sign up for your instant savings here. Then order your 9 volt batteries online, and we will ship them immediately. You will save 30-50% off retail and experience our award winning service.

Here's what our customers have to say about their experience with us:

"We purchased 9 volt batteries to use in our microphones for our sound system. We are very satisfied with the quality. We are very happy with the cost and the shipping. It's the fastest we have ever had."

"Ordering batteries is easy. Every time I call, the customer service is great and friendly. Shipping is quick and free due to the quantity in our orders. The price on 9V is much lower than any local source and while the savings on the AAs is not as great, they are still cheaper than any local source.

"MedicBatteries is the most professional and competent business I have dealt with in years. Never misses a beat and always puts the customer first. I'll be back."

"Just writing to let you know this is now the third time I have ordered from you for my wireless microphone battery needs and I've also placed a couple orders for batteries for my own home use. I pretty much never buy batteries from retail stores now. You guys are awesome, the batteries are great, and you've got a customer for life! Thank you!!"

But don't take their word, find out for yourself. Use your instant 9 volt battery coupon today. We promise, you'll be glad you did. 

Battery for Invisible Fence Collar Packs - 75% Off

Choose DL1/3N 3V to quickly and easily replace and power up the insides of that Power Cap. You pay a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can save up to 75% off retail when you buy your battery for invisible fence collar at MedicBatteries.com. 


battery for invisible fence collar

It's pretty simple to make this battery for invisible fence collar replacement happen. Here's our quick summary of the directions to swap out that Power Cap battery from those who have mastered it (read more detailed instructions and learn about user experiences at Instructables.com:)

1. Buy 3 Volt DL1/3N batteries

2. Have a razor blade handy to pop the lid off the power cap

3. With a Q-tip and a dab of rubbing alcohol, clean out the battery cavity in the collar

4. Reassemble and place collar back on your dog

Buy your 1/3N battery for invisible fence collar today. We'll ship it right away, and you'll have that dog collar powered up in no time.

Invisible Fence Collar Battery Replacement - Up to 75% Off

Shopping for your dog's Invisible Fence collar battery replacement? Look no further. We've got your Invisible Fence collar battery replacement in stock and ready to ship today. And, you will save up to 75% off retail to boot! 

It's simple to stock up on DIY Invisible Fence collar battery replacement. We offer Duracell 1/3N batteries, the little gems found inside those Invisible Fence Power Caps. All you'll need is a sharp tool, such as a razor blade or a knife and just a few minutes of your time to make your Invisible Fence collar battery replacement happen. Click here for step-by-step instructions from  Instructables.com on creating Invisible Fence collar battery replacement Power Cap. 

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Our DL 1/3N Invisible Fence collar battery replacement packs are available in the following counts:  

3 Pack DL 1/3N

6 Pack DL 1/3N

Shipping is FREE and every battery is 100% guaranteed.