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Free Batteries for Wireless Mics for Church Customers – Our Easter Special

After serving thousands of churches year after year since 1993, we’ve learned a thing or two about wireless mics for church use.  It’s almost Easter, and our customers truly appreciate some freebies for wireless mics for church services. So we are extending this offer to all wireless mics for church users nationwide.

Check out our offer below and stock up now on fresh batteries for wireless mics for church use.

Wireless Mics for Church Battery Promo

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Wireless mics for church services can’t afford to have low batteries anytime, especially during your Easter services. Stock up on bulk quantities of 9 Volt and AA batteries today. May your Easter services be a great success!

Rechargeable Batteries for Wireless Mics for Houses of Worship

The jury is still out on the best rechargeable batteries for wireless mics, making the choice of rechargeable versus disposable batteries difficult for anyone concerned with going green. Consider the following factors when choosing between rechargeable batteries for wireless mics and disposable alkalines.

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Sizes matter. Rechargeable batteries for wireless mics are not always an easy fit as dimensions can vary. Learn more here: Rechargeable 9V Batteries for Wireless Microphones

Voltage requirements. Many 9V rechargeables produce only 7.2 volts. When selecting a rechargeable battery for wireless mics, Buyer Beware! Hint: A true 9.6 volt rechargeable battery is what you are after when you plan to use 9V rechargeable batteries for wireless mics.

Manufacturer warnings. Some microphone manufacturers frown upon using 9V rechargeable batteries for wireless mics; they’re more accepting of rechargeable AA batteries.

Disciplined approach. To make rechargeable batteries for wireless mics pan out for your house of worship, a highly disciplined system is needed. Maintaining the system requires a different mindset than you may be used to.

Performance issues. Some common problems identified by wireless mic users who have given rechargeables a try are: mics not powering, underpowered mics, and powered mics not transmitting.

Emergency power. If using rechargeables, you still need some alkalines handy for emergencies. A must! Shop 9V and AA alkaline batteries.

Apples to apples comparisons. When comparing pricing, make sure to compare the cost of rechargeable batteries for wireless mics to bulk alkalines available from a merchant such as www.MedicBatteries.com , not to retail pricing. Include the cost of chargers, replacement costs, etc, in your calculations.

Battery tester. This is a must regardless of which batteries you are using. Invest in a high quality tester such as a ZTS Multi Battery Tester. You’ll be amazed at what this device will tell you. Take those batteries that are not up to the task out of the mix before failing at some critical time.

We invite you to share your thoughts on rechargeable batteries for wireless mics in your house of worship. Please share your comments below.