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When reaching for a flashlight, don’t reach for anything less than a Rayovac. The Rayovac flashlight is trusted by customers for use at home, camping outdoors, work, and more for day-to-day and emergency use. With so many versatile uses, it’s no surprise the Rayovac flashlight line includes the single best selling flashlight in the industrial marketplace.


Rayovac flashlights come in a variety of styles, including economy, headlight, high beam, LED, and more. Customers turn to the Rayovac flashlight because of its durable design ready to get the job done time and time again.  In fact, the Industrial Rayovac flashlight line, as well as other Rayovac flashlights, is chemical, water and impact resistant, which makes them the perfect lighting tool for every tough job.


Many Rayovac flashlights contain LED technology for even brighter and longer-lasting lights. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and resistant to heat, cold and shock, for effective use all year round. The High Beam Rayovac flashlight line uses super bright LED technology that is up to 50 times brighter than standard LEDs!


Rayovac Flashlights for Work and Play

There’s a Rayovac flashlight for every work, home, and play environment. Rayovac headlights, in LED and standard bulbs, have been tested for durability and bulb efficiency for hands-free lighting when you need it most. Rayovac Penlights are the perfect compact light source for the office – clip one to your pocket and never be left in the dark! Rayovac also offers outdoor and sportsman flashlight lines built for active lifestyles, and economy and high-beam flashlights ideal for the home.


Rayovac Flashlights from Medic Offer:

  • Duruable, impact-resistant plastics and materials
  • LED and standand bulbs
  • Size and style options
  • Designed for use with Rayovac batteries
  • Original manufacture packaging
  • Bulk ordering
  • Discounted prices


Many Rayovac flashlights are backed by a lifetime warranty. Rayovac’s name, reliability, and warranty, combined with Medic Batteries low prices, make any Rayovac flashlight a great buy! Medic Batteries offers bulk Rayovac flashlights at discounted prices for industrial and commercial use, too!


Medic Batteries is one of the largest online retailers of battery and flashlight needs. Our batteries and flashlights are stored in a safe, climate controlled environment according to manufacture suggestion to ensure the strongest and longest lasting charge and durability availability. All in-stock Rayovac flashlight orders placed before 4PM EST ship same day from in insured, unmarked boxes for package safety and confidentiality.


Light Your Way with a Rayovac Flashlight Today! For assistance placing an online order, speak speak with a member of our Customer Experience team using our online chat or call (800) 479-6334.

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