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Free Batteries for Wireless Mics for Church Customers – Our Easter Special

After serving thousands of churches year after year since 1993, we’ve learned a thing or two about wireless mics for church use.  It’s almost Easter, and our customers truly appreciate some freebies for wireless mics for church services. So we are extending this offer to all wireless mics for church users nationwide.

Check out our offer below and stock up now on fresh batteries for wireless mics for church use.

Wireless Mics for Church Battery Promo

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Wireless mics for church services can’t afford to have low batteries anytime, especially during your Easter services. Stock up on bulk quantities of 9 Volt and AA batteries today. May your Easter services be a great success!

Church Wireless Microphone Batteries - Alkaline vs. Rechargeable vs. Lithium

When it comes to church wireless microphone batteries, everyone has their own preferences. Do people prefer alkaline, rechargeable, or lithium batteries for their church wireless microphone systems?

We serve thousands of churches, providing them with the freshest church wireless microphone batteries. We asked our customers what they prefer: alkaline, rechargeable or lithium church wireless microphone batteries?The results:


91.4% Prefer alkaline

4.2% Prefer rechargeables

4.6% Prefer lithium

An overwhelming majority prefers alkaline church wireless microphone batteries. Here is what a few respondents said:

“We have used Alkalines at this point because of the cost of lithiums and the labor required to recharge.”

“We are satisfied with the Duracell Procell - AAs. We use 2 to 8 church wireless microphone packs in each of 3 services each Sunday. Two AAs will usually make it through all three services. Thanks for your good service. You have made us a loyal customer.”

“Alkalines for wireless mic. I would use lithium if I could afford them. Rechargeable have been unreliable in the past.”

Church Wireless Microphone Battery Coupon

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Medic Batteries, Trusted Church Supply Store

Medic Batteries has become a go-to church supply store for all types of battery needs (click to see our wide selection). We have proudly been serving churches and houses of worship since 1993, providing discounted, fresh batteries for microphones and other various facility needs. What do customers who have made us their official church supply store have to say about us?

Church Supply Store - Bulk Batteries 9V, AA, AAA and more

Wow, thank you very much! This is the best customer service experience that I've had in quite a while. It seems like the larger a company is, the more difficult it is to get them to correct their mistakes. I really appreciate how you have treated me, and I have recommended you to other pastors in the area. We will be continuing our business with you. Thanks again!

 Pastor K Osborne, KS


I have been buying from you folks for many years. There's no where else I go for great deals on Duracell Procells. Your excellent product line and tremendous value are underscored by great customer service. Too bad more online merchants don't try to be like you folks.

Rev. Steve


“I purchased 9V batteries for use in wireless microphone transmitters at church. I saw a testimonial on your website from another church audio technician. Always nice to see that I’m following in other’s footsteps.”

Rev. Jim Mobile, Alabama


“Thanks Medic! Your prompt attention to my order kept us powered up, service after service, through the busy holiday season!”

Leanne, Church Choir Director. Boston, MA


These churches can buy their batteries from any church supply store; however, they choose Medic Batteries as their church supply store because of our award winning customer service, below-retail prices, and monthly specials. If you’re looking for batteries for your church, let us be your #1 church supply store.