Church Wireless Microphone Batteries - Alkaline vs. Rechargeable vs. Lithium

When it comes to church wireless microphone batteries, everyone has their own preferences. Do people prefer alkaline, rechargeable, or lithium batteries for their church wireless microphone systems?

We serve thousands of churches, providing them with the freshest church wireless microphone batteries. We asked our customers what they prefer: alkaline, rechargeable or lithium church wireless microphone batteries?The results:


91.4% Prefer alkaline

4.2% Prefer rechargeables

4.6% Prefer lithium

An overwhelming majority prefers alkaline church wireless microphone batteries. Here is what a few respondents said:

“We have used Alkalines at this point because of the cost of lithiums and the labor required to recharge.”

“We are satisfied with the Duracell Procell - AAs. We use 2 to 8 church wireless microphone packs in each of 3 services each Sunday. Two AAs will usually make it through all three services. Thanks for your good service. You have made us a loyal customer.”

“Alkalines for wireless mic. I would use lithium if I could afford them. Rechargeable have been unreliable in the past.”

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