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Buy 48-Pack Duracell AA Batteries – Freshest Batteries, Low Cost Shipping, 100% Guarantee

If you’re a heavy user of AA batteries—either in the workplace or at home—we’d like to offer you a great buy: 48-pack Duracell AA batteries.

You already know that Duracell delivers top-quality batteries with reputation for quality and reliability. When you buy 48-pack Duracell AA batteries from Medic Batteries, you can be sure you’re getting that brand-name performance from batteries that have been stored properly and are fresh and ready to go. Our 100 percent quality guarantee ensures it.

Our combination of fast shipping, low prices, and superior service makes Medic Batteries the best place to buy 48-pack Duracell AA batteries online. Just ask Dawn, whose five-star rating of her purchase of this product included this review: The order was easy to place, and it arrived even earlier than expected. Your service was first class.

Buy 48-pack Duracell AA batteries from Medic Batteries today. You’ll be ready for all your power needs.

Bulk Duracell Batteries – Best Online Source

Buying bulk Duracell batteries is a fantastic way to keep your business moving. Duracells are the choice of professionals who depend on their batteries to deliver day in and day out. Stocking up on bulk Duracell batteries guarantees you’ll always have the legendary power, performance, and reliability of Duracell close at hand.

For almost 20 years, Medic Batteries has delivered top-name batteries at the lowest prices. Whether you need alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable bulk Duracell batteries, we have you covered with sizes to fit your every power need.

Add bottom-line pricing, fast shipping, and guaranteed battery freshness and Medic Batteries is the only choice for bulk Duracell batteries. Visit medicbatteries.com today, save time and money over ordinary retailers, and have the batteries your business depends on at the ready.


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Duracell Procell Batteries: Get Professional Power at Low Everyday Prices

Duracell Procell batteries are the all good stuff you expect from Duracell Coppertops, just designed for professional and industrial use. With a slightly higher charge and longer life than their consumer-branded counterparts, Duracell Procell batteries are the ones you want in your office or workspace.

Medic Batteries makes it easy for you to stock up on Duracell Procell batteries so that you’re always ready for the job. We sell them in cost-effective, convenient packages that are easy to open and close, and we give you bulk quantity options ranging from 12 to 600 so you never have too many or too few.

For professional use, there’s no beating Duracell Procell batteries—and for buying them, there’s no beating Medic Batteries. Visit medicbatteries.com today for great prices, fast shipping, superior customer service, and our quality guarantee.


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Duracell Procell Review – Professionals Speak Up

Duracell Procell happens to be our leading brand. And for those who are looking for a Duracell Procell review, you’ve come to the right place. Professionals who depend on batteries every day— from medical to law enforcement to performing arts—just can’t say enough great things about Duracell Procell batteries. Frankly, we’re not surprised. These professional users have a great deal riding on battery performance, and once they learn of the reliability, performance and cost savings they experience with these professional batteries—not to mention how much easier it makes their jobs—it’s only natural to want to pass along their rave Duracell Procell review. 

Duracell Procell Review - Current Specials

Check out the stories of users who have posted a Duracell Procell review:

“Duracell Procell AAs are the most reliable battery that I can find when looking to power our ten wireless microphones every Sunday mornings. Having to continually power wireless microphones week after week can become quite pricey but between the long lasting capability of Duracell Procell batteries and the affordable prices at Medic Batteries it has helped us stay within our budget.”

“We purchase ProCell 9V batteries on an ongoing basis. We use these trustworthy batteries in our wireless microphones because we must have 100% up time.”

“These Duracell Procell batteries are fantastic! We use them in a worship setting, powering our Sennheiser wireless handheld and beltpack format microphones. We generally get anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of life from a pair of these batteries.”

“Duracell Procell 9 Volt Alkaline Battery 72/Case (PC1604) - As an Irrigation and Landscaping Supply Company, we started selling the Procell after several years of positive customer feedback and proven field application performance. We recommend it to our customers upon purchase of Irrigation controllers (residential, commercial and most specially institutional satellite based ones) as they have provided stable programming storage, very few data corruption cases, and less call-back for our contractor clients. This product has eliminated a substantial amount of unnecessary product support issues caused by unreliable memory back-up batteries, resulting in reduced product warranty cost both for us and the manufacturers of the products we sell. We've previously stocked Panasonic Commercial 9V Alkalines. It proved to be a disaster - our customer returns/exchange rate rose along the same type of products across different brands. It took us months for us and our product manufacturers to figure out it was battery related. And longer to assure our customers that it wasn't the units, but the batteries. The Energizer Commercial 9V Alkalines proved to be quite a very competent replacement. Very stable voltage rates, long-lasting, reliable performance but at a higher price tag. However, complaints on the Duracell Procell were non-existent if any, it's about equal quality-wise at a better price, so it seemed a logical choice.”

There it is, Duracell Procell review straight from the users who love them. We know that your personal Duracell Procell review will be just as positive, or we wouldn’t offer them. Go ahead and review some for yourself—Medic Batteries makes it convenient and affordable to step up to Duracell Procell performance. Shop our Duracell Procell discount bulk packs. Every battery is guaranteed to be fresh, and you’ll get them lightening fast, because we offer same-day shipping.

Duracell PC1604 , Where to Buy Yours

Looking for the best source for Duracell PC1604 online? Look no further than MedicBatteries.com. Here’s what Duracell PC1604 users have to say about buying batteries from MedicBatteries.com:

“Just writing to let you know this is now the third time I have ordered from you Duracell PC1604 wireless microphone batteries for our church, and I've also placed a couple orders for batteries for my own home use. I pretty much never buy batteries from retail stores now. You guys are awesome, the batteries are great, and you've got a customer for life! Thank you!!”

“I was looking for Duracell PC1604 batteries and this is how I found your site. I already knew of  the batteries but the places we purchased previously closed. We tried other types of batteries and they were either expensive or others didn't last as long. I started surfing the web for the Duracell PC1604 batteries and I found other sites with them, so I started comparing sites and Medic Batteries won. I was very pleased with the price and shipping. Thank you! I’m looking forward to future orders.”

“I have recommended Medic Batteries to friends of other Church Ministries for all their wireless microphones and any other devices that require excellent and FRESH batteries. I will never shop anywhere else. Thanks for such a wonderful website and also a great product.”

Duracell PC1604 12-pack is the solution for use with professional equipment with high battery turnover due to heavy use, such as wireless microphones. Each battery is capped, which is useful when trying to figure out if the battery has been used or not.”

“I have used the Duracell PC1604 batteries exclusively for two years running a paintball field and have had excellent results with them. Don't be put off by the name...they are as good as the coppertops.”

Duracell PC1604 - Current Specials

There it is, straight from Duracell PC1604 users who love them. We know that your experience with Duracell PC1604 and MedicBatteries.com will be just as positive. Go ahead and try some for yourself—Medic Batteries makes it convenient and affordable to step up to Duracell PC1604 performance. We’ve got Duracell PC1604 in discount bulk packs, carefully stored in our own warehouse. Every Duracell PC1604 is guaranteed to be fresh, and you’ll get them fast, because we offer same-day shipping for $5.99 or free, depending on quantity ordered.