Duracell PC1604 , Where to Buy Yours

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“Just writing to let you know this is now the third time I have ordered from you Duracell PC1604 wireless microphone batteries for our church, and I've also placed a couple orders for batteries for my own home use. I pretty much never buy batteries from retail stores now. You guys are awesome, the batteries are great, and you've got a customer for life! Thank you!!”

“I was looking for Duracell PC1604 batteries and this is how I found your site. I already knew of  the batteries but the places we purchased previously closed. We tried other types of batteries and they were either expensive or others didn't last as long. I started surfing the web for the Duracell PC1604 batteries and I found other sites with them, so I started comparing sites and Medic Batteries won. I was very pleased with the price and shipping. Thank you! I’m looking forward to future orders.”

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Duracell PC1604 12-pack is the solution for use with professional equipment with high battery turnover due to heavy use, such as wireless microphones. Each battery is capped, which is useful when trying to figure out if the battery has been used or not.”

“I have used the Duracell PC1604 batteries exclusively for two years running a paintball field and have had excellent results with them. Don't be put off by the name...they are as good as the coppertops.”

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