Wireless Microphone Batteries - A Q&A with Adam Rothwell from CrossWalk Community Church

How do you know which wireless microphone batteries work best? We talked with Adam Rothwell, Technology Director at CrossWalk Community Church in Williamsburg, Virginia about his experiences with wireless microphone batteries.

Medic: Thanks for helping us out Adam! So what types of wireless microphone batteries does your church use, and how many mics do you have?

Adam: AAs and 9 volts. We have 13 mics available, mostly Shure microphones. 

Medic: Have you ever tried rechargeable wireless microphone batteries?

Adam: We tried them once before, but they couldn’t last the entire 6 hours that we needed them to last on Sundays for our church services. They were depleted towards the end, it was very inconvenient. We are very happy with alkaline wireless microphone batteries.

Medic: When do you replace your wireless microphone batteries?

Adam: We always make sure to have fresh alkaline wireless microphone batteries for the Pastor’s mic every Sunday. When the service is over we use those batteries for things throughout the week like choir practice.

Medic: Great! Thanks again for your time, Adam.

Adam: My pleasure.

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