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Medic’s alkaline battery experts have heard every question about alkaline battery power - how do you buy alkaline battery products? Do you check the date code? Do you wonder where they were made? Do you assume every alkaline battery is the same and just grab what’s cheap and available?


Here’s something we’ve learned through years of alkaline battery experience – just because alkaline batteries look the same on the outside does not mean they are the same inside!


While alkaline battery sizes are uniform to fit your device, the charge and available power inside varies immensely due to date, storage, and provider. When you buy alkaline batteries from Medic Batteries, you can rest assured the highest-quality and most reliable power will be delivered to your door.  Since 1993, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering our customers the finest 9 Volt, AA, AAA, D and C alkaline batteries in the industry by continually outperforming competitors with our superior customer service, consistently low prices, and our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee on every alkaline battery we sell. Because of this, customers have grown to trust us to power all their devices including medical equipment, wireless microphones, smoke alarms, flashlights, and more.


Medic Batteries offers a range of alkaline battery sizes and brands, including popular industrial Energizer battery styles, Duracell Procell, and Rayovac UltraPro. All of our alkaline batteries are stored in a safe, climate controlled environment according to manufacture suggestion to ensure the strongest and longest lasting charge available. We take careful note of every alkaline battery expiration date to make sure only the best quality it shipped to you. All orders placed before 4PM EST are shipped the same day from our warehouse using the reliable carrier of our choice. Orders typically arrive in 2-7 business days, in insured and unmarked boxes for shipment safety and confidentiality.


Medic Alkaline Batteries:

  • Name-brand quality, including Energizer, Duracell, and Rayovac
  • Range of sizes, including 9v, AA, AAA, C, D and more
  • Free and flat-rate shipping
  • Same day shipping on orders placed before 4PM EST
  • Guaranteed freshness
  • Discounted pricing on bulk batteries
  • Original alkaline battery casings and packages


Don’t buy your alkaline battery packs from inferior companies, and don’t buy alkaline battery fakes! If you want to be sure your alkaline batteries will deliver reliable, long-lasting power, buy alkaline battery originals only from Medic Batteries. Medic Batteries is one of the largest online retailers of quality name brand alkaline batteries and lithium batteries. We offer discounted pricing and shipping on reliable batteries and accessories, trusted by government agencies, medical fields, consumer users, and more.


Shop with Confidence – Buy Your Alkaline Battery Power from Medic Batteries Today!

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