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Coppertop Duracell vs. Procell: The Advantage of Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries

Duracell has long been the choice of professionals, and for good reason—no other battery lasts longer or delivers better performance. The Coppertop Duracell battery is legendary for exactly those qualities, but buying Coppertop Duracells a few at a time is inconvenient and expensive. There is a convenient, cost-effective, and uncompromising answer—buy Duracell Procell alkaline batteries from Medic Batteries.

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Everyone knows the famous Coppertop Duracell, but you may not be familiar with the professional Duracell Procell alkaline batteries. The Coppertop Duracell vs. Procell comparison is easy—the batteries have the same tested and proven technology on the inside. The label may be different, but what’s really important when comparing CoppertopDuracell vs. Procell is the extra edge of Duracell Procell alkaline batteries:

•    Unlike other Duracells, Procells are only available in easy-to-open bulk packaging for convenience and significantly lower cost. 
•    Procells are charged slightly higher for freshness and long life.
•    Buying in bulk ensures that each battery is as fresh as the next; no more guessing how long the battery has been on the shelf.

Take all these features, add Medic Batteries’ quick shipping, superior service, and satisfaction guarantee, and it’s clear that Duracell Procell alkaline batteries from Medic Batteries are the best choice for every application.
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