Bulk Alkaline Batteries - Medic Batteries Review

Bulk alkaline batteries are purchased at Medic Batteries by many companies and organizations every day. We carry bulk alkaline batteries in several sizes by the top brands.

Bulk Alkaline Battery Sizes:

9V  •  AA  •  AAA  •  C  •  D  •  AAAA  •  12 Volt


Stage Crafters Youth Theatre - Medic Batteries Customer for 7+ Years


Wendy Scott-Koeth, Director and Coordinator at Stage Crafters Youth Theatre, has been a Medic Batteries customer for more than 7 years. In the video below, she talks about her favorite place to buy bulk alkaline batteries (Thanks, Wendy!) and why she relies on us.

Price, of course, is a huge factor for Wendy when she buys bulk alkaline batteries for her non-profit organization. That's one of the reasons why she chooses to buy bulk alkaline batteries. Her organization puts on shows that often require almost 600 reliable batteries for body mics and the array of sound equipment. She prefers Medic Batteries for the theatre because we sell only the freshest batteries, which means she can count on the reliability of our batteries. Our bulk alkaline batteries are guaranteed fresh, which means you never have to worry about having them “conk out” as Wendy puts it. Watch her video testimonial below.


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